The Author of this book believes that his chance encounter with one of America’s greatest pastors at a book signing gave him divine wisdom to interpret every letter, word, and design concealed in the Sator Square.  See how this encounter originated and led him to write a book unveiling the true identity of the Sator Square and its hidden revelations to the world of Christian believers.

1. Ye Shall See & Not Perceive
The Sator Square is visible proof that God is everywhere and in everything and why we should never cease to seek him. Jesus left his parents and went about his fathers business when he was 12 years old. His parents searched for days looking for him and when they find him, he is at church. People across the world have spent centuries looking for the holy grail and never realized that it was found long ago in the place Jesus first instructed us all to pray to our father up in heaven. The Sator Square is the holy signature of Jesus/  It was discovered  amongst the ruins from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius inside the home and closet of a bread maker in Pompeii.

2. Welcome To The Kingdom Of God
The Sator Square is the welcome sign to the Kingdom of God. The Sator Square has been overlooked because no one has reduced their thinking to the level of a child and relearn all that we know about Jesus and the kingdom he began to build. During the Last Supper, Jesus demonstrated to his disciples that he was the bread which fell from heaven. In order for them to believe that he was that bread, they had to change their way of thinking and learn of God at a level of a child. Just as the disciples changed their way of thinking, you can too with the help of the Sator Square as it demonstrates to you how 25 letters can teach you everything there is to know about the life of Jesus.

4. Behold the Holy Grail
Read along as the Holy Grail is uncovered by using clues from the Holy Bible to reveal its identity. Learn why the Sator Square is the Holy Grail and not some mythical cup, plate, or dish sought after since the legendary tales of King Arthur.

5. The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ
The Holy Grail’s identity was hidden and protected by the Knights Templar’s, as the Pope and Emperor Constantine retained some of its sacred designs as their own. See how the primary message of Jesus Christ was emblazoned across their chest, on their cloaks, and even in their insignia without anyone having the slightest idea of its origins.

6. All Things That Are Thine Are Mine
Explains how all people who are followers of Jesus are marked and identified as God’s property. Before being crucified, Jesus prayed for all that are mine and thine. See the symbol that properly marks all of his believers and protects them from Satan.

7. And Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church
Explains in great detail why the Apostle Peter was chosen as the foundation of the true Church of Jesus Christ. Examine how his sun shines on good and evil and involves everyone as part of his grand plan for the world.  See how Buddhism actually establishes "The Way" to Christianity for all followers of Christ. Examine the 4 points of Jesus’ testimony from the nails in his hands, feet, and the sign that was placed above his head which declared him “King of the Jews.”

8. Become Fisher’s Of Men
Check out the unique design that officially makes all believers of Christ a “fisher of men.” See exactly how the Jesus fish became the most recognized symbol for Christians everywhere while being in total compliance with the Second Commandment.

9. The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like A Net
This chapter shows you the real Sacred Heart of Jesus and how you are protected by his blood which was shed on the cross. The Sator Square clearly showcases God’s hedge of protection and details exactly what God’s love looks like around us.

10. In Remembrance Before The Sight Of God
Witness how memorial ribbons may have originated and its Jewish connections with the alphabet that represents the eye of God. Jesus holds the key of David and his crucifixion opened the door for all his followers to enter into heaven. See how and what role water baptism plays in being saved as well as fulfilling the Prophesy of the Prophet Zechariah.

11. The Secret Is Revealed
The five hidden words kept secret for nearly 2,000 years are finally revealed! See how these 5 words directly relate to Peter’s vision on the roof top, as well as it’s relation to the Chinese Zodiac. Know and understand why God offered the gift of baptism to a Roman Soldier as a vehicle to spread an opportunity of repentance to the world.

12. One Star Differs From Another
Examine how the stars of the universe play an important role in understanding God and his people. See how the wise men of the east were able to find the Baby Jesus by their knowledge of stars which are more than 25 million light years away, before the rest of the Jewish nation that resided in Bethlehem. The Sator Square demonstrates why Jesus is the only way to heaven, and how the wisdom inside the book, "Art of War" can help you win your own personal war against the devil. Prayer is the greatest gift God ever gave his people. See how it worked for King Hezekiah in the Greatest Battle Seldom Told and how it can work for you irregardless of your zodiac sign.

13. The Acceptable Year Of The Lord
Read why Jesus’ promise to return will begin during the internet generation and how the answer has been laid out before our very eyes for nearly 2,000 years. The best time to identify publicly with Jesus Christ is now! The Sixth Seal mentioned in the Book of Revelation has been broken! Be sure to receive the Seal of God in your mind and be protected from Satan and his army before it’s too late.

14. God’s Ribbon In The Sky
Witness God’s Lasting Covenant with Noah and the world as it is memorialized eternally within the Sator Square.

15. Five Words To Teach Others
Paul stated that he would rather speak 5 words in the church instead of 10,000 words in a foreign language. Discover if the five words he referenced may actually be concealed inside the Sator Square and serve as an everlasting sign for all future believers of Jesus.

16. Ezekiel’s Wheel & Elisha’s Double Portion
See how Ezekiel’s vision was actually a live action version of the Sator Square. Examine also how Elisha’s double portion has a significant role in fulfilling the hidden messages inside the Sator Square.

17. The Gates Of Heaven & The New City
Take a closer look at the 12 Gates of Heaven and the names assigned to each entrance and exit as you journey to the Tree of Life. See the hidden meaning of each gate and determine how it applies directly to your life at this very moment. Afterwards, determine for yourself if the Sator Square is actually the Holy Grail or the Third Temple envisioned by the Prophet Ezekiel.

18. The Walls Of The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Apostle Peter declared that we are all living stones of God’s Kingdom. Understand from John the Baptist’s voice in the wilderness proclaims who are the living building blocks of heaven and how your life is an example to all nonbelievers. The author of this book was able to tap into the Hidden Manna from heaven for 111 straight days.  See how you can also be fed from this Hidden Manna and become one of the 12 precious gems that make up the Walls of Heaven which begin directly from the foundation of the earth.

19. The Throne Of God
See the exact design of God’s royal court and his throne which is surrounded by the 24 elders in relation to the Sator Square, as well as understand what exactly takes place each time you or someone else prays and praises his name. See what two hidden numbers make up the letter N and how they symbolize the Sabbath and God’s dual throne up in heaven.

20. Lost Holy Artifacts
Witness the images of several missing artifacts such as the lid of the Ark of the Covenant, Aaron’s rod, the golden pot of manna, as well as the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments that were written with the finger of God. See how each has been wisely concealed within 25 alphabets within the Sator Square.

21. The Living Stones of the Kingdom
Everywhere Jesus traveled, flocks of people surrounded him and became living stones of his kingdom on earth. See how the image of the crowds that pressed against him has been memorialized within the Sator Square and why Jesus was so impressed with those who knew how get to him by the entrances of the kingdom which leads directly to him.

22. The Promise Of Abraham
Witness the promise God gave to the Prophet Abraham and his wife Sarah, and share in her laughter just as she promised you would thousands of  years ago. Paul told us she was the word of promise.  See exactly how her name and her facial expression is uniquely memorialized in the Sator Square for all the world of believers to see and believe also.

23. Jesus Prepared For Burial
Jesus prophesied that this story would be told in memory of the woman who anointed his body for burial. See exactly how her sacrifice was memorialized inside the Sator Square and what it means for you.

24. For We Are Indeed His Offspring
All people of the earth are the offspring’s of Jesus Christ. See how his DNA is applied to the 4 corners of the earth and what knowing this information can do to help you understand how you are a child of God. See how  the Sator Square memorializes how Jesus bared his Holy Arm and seals his covenant to us all.

25. The Key To The Universe
The World’s Most Renown Mad Scientist Nikola Tesla claimed the numbers 3, 6, and 9 contained the secret formula for the key to the universe. Discover why Mr. Tesla fell short in solving his equation for the magnificence of the universe as we apply his formula in accordance to the Sator Square. See the 5 hidden numbers of God and possess the formula for the real key to the universe and the key to the gates of heaven.  See how these numbers represent Jesus’ life on earth and his oneness with his father in heaven, as well as how they relate to the alignment of the planets in our solar system.

26. How Your Dog Trains You To Better Serve God
See the mysterious ways how the dog cast the perfect reflection for humans to see their relationship as servants to the most high god. The answer has always been in front of us since the selection of Gideon’s Army and God’s creation of the Sabbath. See how the story of the Prodigal Son is played out to us everyday in the life of a dog.

27. How Satan Actually Leads You To Jesus
Understand exactly who Satan is, what his role is, and how he actually helps leads you to Jesus in relation to the Sator Square. The devil serves as a double agent spy for the kingdom of God and is allowed to cast a contrasting mirrored image of Jesus. Understand why God has enabled Satan to coexist alongside humans since the first sins were created in the Garden of Eden to tempt us as we learn to differentiate between good and evil, and life and death.

28. The Last Supper Feast
Review the exact seating chart of the disciples during the last supper on the Sator Square and clearly understand how Jesus’ body was broken and divided among the disciples.  See how Leonardo Davinci concealed the Sator Square inside his famous painting, as well as hide the Prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the Third Temple of God’s Glory entering through the East Gate.

29. The Crosses Of Jesus, Peter, The Pope, & The Roman Emperor Constantine
See how the crosses of the Pope and Constantine have some surprising similarities and are contrasted against the cross of Jesus Christ in relations to the Sator Square. See how they each took a position that placed them on the same level or as a direct extension of Jesus in relations to the Sator Square.  Also observe how the Sator Square memorializes Jesus and the two criminals that he was crucified with on Golgotha.

30. The Call Of Abram
Discover how the Hash Tag and Pound Sign symbols are memorialized in the Sator Square in relation to God’s Call of Abraham. Determine if God is using this symbol on the telephone and social networking communications to notify the descendants of Abraham that the time is now to unite and form the Army of the Lord.

31. The Creation of Adam and The Three Shepherds of Arcadia Paintings
Is the Three Shepherds of Arcadia portrait about God’s new covenant between the Trinity and the earth? Is Michael Angelo’s famous painting in the Sistine Chapel the Creation of Adam the first, or of the second? Examine how several artist of the Renaissance Era may have hidden coded messages of the Sator Square within their paintings.

32. U Will Understand It All
The Sator Square is symbolic of Jesus knocking on your door, waiting for you to open up and let him in to your life.  The Book Of Revelation records where Jesus promises all those that over come a seat with him in his throne.  See the image of that event as it is memorialized inside the Sator Square.

32. The Unrecognized Miracle
Discover how one of the greatest miracles that Jesus performed and offers to the entire world has never been recognized as a documented miracle by the church for centuries. Just as the Sator Square has been unrecognized as a Holy Relic leftover from Jesus, examine how the one miracle that relates to every single human being on earth has also been unrecognized as well. This story is also the only one in the bible that describes Jesus writing anything during his time spent on earth.  See how and why he felt writing in the dust with his fingers was a necessary thing to do.

33. The Overlooked Disciple
Matthias was selected as Judas’ replacement. He did not assume the position of the 12th disciple chosen by Jesus but rather the first Disciple that fulfilled Jesus’ command to “make disciples of all men.”  Aside from his selection in the Book of Acts Chapter 1, Matthias’ name is not mentioned anywhere else in the bible and only during his selection by the other disciples, but during the process, it is made clear that he was familiar with Jesus’ ministry since the day of his baptism.  Witness how Matthias’ true identity has been overlooked by the church just like the Sator Square.  Also see how the baptism of Jesus is also memorialized on the Sator Square.

34. The Unacknowledged Position
It’s widely known that the Apostle Judas was also Jesus’ betrayer, but what’s been widely unacknowledged is the official job capacity that Judas fulfilled within the ministry of Jesus Christ. Judas was more than just the treasurer or the guy who held the bag. God instructed Moses to have his priest carefully inspect every sacrifice offered on his altar. Discover who the real “disciple whom Jesus loved” was also the priest handpicked to oversee his sacrificial offering in accordance to the Laws of Moses and how this sacrifice established the creation of the Third Temple which has been memorialized in the Sator Square.

35. The Unnoticed Act
The 8th King of Jerusalem fulfilled a task to repair the Holy Temple, but he also gave away most of it’s treasures, as well as execute the Prophet Zechariah, High Priest of the temple. Although the King repaired the building, he caused major damage within the temple itself. See how Jesus single handedly repaired the damages made to the temple, replaced the 8th King, and reclaimed lost treasures of the temple. Discover how the unnoticed act that took place between Jesus’ triumphant entry into the city and Judas’ return of the 30 pieces of silver officially made Jesus the author of eternal salvation. Witness the atonement offering made by the High Priest and the Jewish People which officially gave birth to Christianity and made all of the true followers of Jesus priest of the New City.

36. My Redeemer Lives
Jesus told his disciples that he would be murdered by his enemies, but would rise up on the third day. This revelation of his eventual death and resurrection was written and memorialized in stone as a guarantee at the very heart of the Sator Square.

37. We Have This Anchor
Observe how the Sator Square is a visible representation of our faith being anchored in the body of Jesus Christ for safety and security. See also how the Hebrew Mezuzah symbol which is placed at the entrance of Jewish buildings since the days of Moses has been replaced by the one destined to come who would be called a “Nazarene.”

38. Be Ye Therefore Ready Also
Was Adolph Hitler the thief Jesus forewarned would come to kill, steal, and destroy? During his search for the Holy Grail, did Hitler discover the Sator Square?  Witness how the Sator Square reveals his secret identity and describes his personal character in a language which closely resembles the German vocabulary. See how Hitler’s Third Reich was an outright attempt to conquer the Third Temple which was constructed by none other than Jesus Christ.

39. The Pastor And His Prayer
Jesus identified himself as the Good Shepherd that would lay down his life for his sheep. He also says that his sheep shall hear his voice one day and will come to him and unite with him. See the concealed image of the layout in which Jesus will call upon his sheep to enter into his kingdom. Also see his self-titled prayer which he gave us to pray inside our closets and how it relates to the oldest known Sator Square which was discovered inside the closet of an Italian bakery in Pompeii.

40. We Must All Bear Our Cross
We have all heard that “We must all bear our cross” but have never witnessed the image that has been memorialized of Simon of Cyrene, the first person documented in the bible to bear the cross of Jesus on the day of his crucifixion. See how this act by Simon has been imbedded in the Sator Square as an emblem that determines if we are really true followers of Jesus Christ.

41. Divine Revelation
The Apostle John had a divine revelation about heaven and the last days on earth. Witness the opened door John saw in heaven as well as the similarities between the Calling of Jesus from Egypt and John the Baptist's call from the wilderness. The bible records how “God called his son out of Egypt” when the visit of an angel told Joseph to return to Israel. See the Egyptian word which reveals how Jesus fulfilled this “Divine Revelation” and return to Israel to seek and save that which was lost and its striking similarity with his and John the Baptist call of the sinners of the world to repent.

42. He Lived. He Died. He Rose.
Apocrypha Gospel of Peter describes how 3 figures exited the tomb of Jesus on the morning of his resurrection and was followed by a floating cross which spoke. See how the Sator Square is the cross that followed Jesus out of the tomb that Easter Sunday and continues to speak and preach to all those that sleep.

43.  Why I Wrote This Book

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